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The weekend is still young, and yet two momentous things have happened yesterday and today.

The first was the slate of candidates for Bishop Suffragan for my diocese was released.  Yes, our diocese, that has been beset by congregations upset over the ordination of women to the priesthood and the consecration of an openly gay man to become Bishop, released a slate of individuals for election as our next Bishop Suffragan which includes two men and four women, though none of them are gay.  I have gently scanned their synopsis but still need to read each one's statements and responses to questions before the walk-abouts commence leading up to the election on April 21.  That there are FOUR women is GREAT and WONDERFUL in my eyes!  


(Though, that all six candidates are caucasian, with no hint of diversity among them, saddens me just a bit, but we are who we are, aren't we?)  More to come on this.

Should you wish to check out the slate, go to:

Now today, a fellow seminarian and her partner/spouse celebrated the blessing of their union by a Bishop, our diocesan Bishop.  He had previously called the church to begin exploring the possibility of making a Generous Pastoral Response to those in same-sex relationships.  Today I saw it happen.  I could not be more happy and pleased for our friends who have ever bit the same committed relationship that Heart Of My Heart shares with me and I with her.  "We have come together today to acknowledge and bless the public commitment of L and J to a lifelong covenant of fidelity, love, and mutuality."

This is the Blessing of the Covenant which the Bishop offered over the couple:
"It is a good thing to give thanks and praise to you, most gracious God, for your unfailing love and care and for the great joy and comfort you have bestowed upon us in the gift of human love.  We thank you for L and J and the covenant of love and faithfulness they have made.  Pour out the abundance of your grace upon them.  Keep them in your steadfast love: protect them from all danger; fill them with your wisdom and peace; lead them in your holy service to one another, to your Church, and to the world; and finally, bring them to that table where all your saints feast forever.

And may God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit bless, preserve, and keep you in his love, this day and forevermore.  AMEN."


Said seminarian whose union was blessed today will be ordained soon to the Transitional Diaconate in June; I will be there also.  Standing with her, along side of her, as another who is moving into the call to ordained ministry.

BOOM BOOM indeed!