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MInistry Items

Now that I am officially a Candidate for Holy Orders in the Diocese of Virginia, and beginning to imagine Commencement from seminary and plan for my ordination to the Transitional Diaconate, I can begin to acquire some items which will aid me in ministry.


Today I was measured for clergy shirts, ordering three (two long-sleeved with full and tab collar; one short-sleeved tab collar), along with a tippet and academic hood. This collar tab and these studs are just the tip of the iceberg with regard to a new wardrobe.

Other items were recently gifted to me from a longtime clergy friend. They include a ceramic chalice & paten set. It is a bit unique in that it is fully functional for outdoor eucharists. The chalice turned upside down on the paten allows it to serve as a ciborium (keeping wind from blowing wafers around or bugs getting all over). It came with a lovely veil and burse (but I need a pall to make it sit well as a stack). This is very cool to me because they have ties back to Shrine Mont when DW served as a seminarian at St. C's where I grew up.


Finally, same clergy friend also passed along a beautiful cappa negra and the green chasuble and stole. Neat things. I'm very blessed to have them. The are legacy items, handed down from priests before to priests to come. I hope I do them honor and justice. Only by God's Grace and Mercy.