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It's Not What You Wear ...

Rare it is that I read a reflection in Forward Day by Day that I do not wholly subscribe to, but there will be those days ... like today.

Looking at the reading from Leviticus (16:1-19) where Aaron is instructed how to make atonement before the Lord, the commentator speaks of special dress for days of special intention. Births, Baptisms, (Graduations, Weddings) Funerals, and so on. Then they begin talking about "Sunday best" and how we should be more intentional regarding how we present ourselves before God in the Lord's house.

I know many people who avoid church because they don't feel their manner of dress will be received well. Call it 'pop theology' if you will, but my father once said to me, a long time ago, "God doesn't care what you wear; God just cares that you're there." 

This is a sinful and broken world, with people who in all manner of condition. I hope and pray I never feel or act like the righteous ruler who wanted to throw a wedding guest out for not wearing their best to the occasion. God knows who we are, and whose we are. What you wear can not mask or hide that, at least not from God. If we can bring ourselves, and others to the threshold of God's temple, to come in touch with love, compassion and grace of Christ, then we shall know, and should act accordingly, that all are welcome.

Come as you are, and be ready to be transformed. Not your clothes, mind you, but the real fabric which is you. Come as you are.