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Thank God, It's His World And He Made It

Today was a wonderful time to appreciate God's creation and offer thanks.  

It was a lovely Spring day, and I felt very conscious of sights, sounds, smells, and feelings around me.  The leisurely tempo of the walks with my dogs allowed me to marvel at everything.  Except for the occasional idiot motorist causing momentary panic for the safety of my charges or myself, it was a comfortable and comforting day.  Sunny, bright, breezy, and cool.  Cool enough jeans were more reasonable than shorts, and eventually my windbreaker gave way to the long-sleeve shirt I was wearing.  The air had a freshness to it.  The tickle of the breeze on my cheeks was soothing, while even the slight ruffle of air moving around my ears had some synchronization to it.  There was the occasional wisp of cloud that gently draped the blue sky.  Everything looked crisp and bright.  The dogwood tree blossoms are in full bloom.  Eventually, the top on the convertible came down and God was very close as I cruised around the city.  It was truly marvelous.  

The world living inside the world created seemed content to be in it, save for that one stupid driver.  (It's called a STOP Sign for a reason).  Even amidst the wonder and order of God's world that was created through his Word, chaos still exists.  Thank you God, and Lord help us.