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Celebrating the Common Man

Once I saw the comment on Fb, I knew I was stuck!  I couldn't shake it.  Plant that thought in my little pea brain and there's no getting around, over it, or under it.  You gotta go through it.  Not that this is hard to endure.  But I should probably be about other things right now.  Yet YouTube is there and it's not too difficult to be sucked in even more with so much goodness available at your fingertips.

So what is all this rambling about?  A Facebook friend posted he'd sat down at his computer and it began playing "Fanfare for the Common Man."  Talk about music that moves me!  This one gets me every time, regardless of the rendition.  I have yet to find a version of it that I haven't loved.  Maybe it's the premise.  Fanfare .... for the Common Man. Someone like me.  Something for me, and many others like me.  We have someone, Aaron Copland, who considered all of us and put a fanfare to flight to celebrate the commonness and the grandeur all together. 

This version, by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, was how I was introduced to this 20th century American classical work.  It's a bit bombastic, and somewhat over the top.  The symphonic versions are lovely, and some versions have melded the symphonic with the rock opera version, which are cool!  But I gotta stay true to how it found me and how I heard it.  This is ELP.  Enjoy!