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Catching Up

Well, A LOT has happened since I last updated this blog:

  • I WAS ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons on Saturday, June 2. An amazing day. In hindsight, I am so glad I deferred from the role I would have filled based on the initial lots taken. I had position #1 which was to prepare the table for Eucharist. Having not done that in my field ed parish, I really didn't want my first time to be at our ordination. So a more seasoned friend stepped in (Thanks, Jo). The side benefit was it permitted me to look around more and appreciate the Body of Christ assembled, full of family and friends. What a gift! I missed much of the food at the reception, but I hope I saw most, if not all, of those who came to share the day with me/us.
  • The following Sunday, June 3rd, I did deacon for the first time at my home parish, Grace, on Trinity Sunday. It meant vestments for the three sacred ministers, chanting the Gospel, preparing the table, and offering the dismissal. All along the way, there were plenty of things I might have done better or more properly (No fault of my deacon adviser). But it was memorable, and I was so happy to be 'home' to serve that first time. Thank you, RHM !
  • The following week, I then proceeded to do some 'shadowing' of chaplains at the local hospital. That was good to do because the parish I will be serving is also local. It was tough to keep the word quiet, even as we began walking through the rectory to make plans to move (this permits us to do some much needed upgrades in our own home: painting, new floors, perhaps re-do an upstairs bathroom, etc.)
  • I've attended two ordinations since my own: one for the other deacons in the diocese the following Saturday, and another in Fl for a VTS classmate, who was a long-time deacon, that was priested. It was fun to get 'insider info' from the Bishop that Mother Carrie would stay on at Resurrection where my in-laws worship (health permitting). 
  • Received notice from the Diocese about Ordination to the Priesthood on December 15th. Thankfully, the church is in Northern Virginia, and having a place for active ministry (see below) means this tentative date just became a whole lot more firm. That should start a whole 'nother round of planning things while all of us settle into our new ministries.
  • Finally, a LOA (Letter of Agreement) was negotiated, partly as we drove down I-95 to Florida. A verbal agreement via phone/email from the road and the announcement to the parish last Sunday allows me to share that I've accepted a call to serve as Assistant Rector at Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill in Alexandria, VA. Since permitting 'the bag out of the cat,' we have twice re-negotiated my start date back from August 1 to July 25 to July 16. The parish is planning a festive welcome for us on Sunday, July 15th. I'm ready to get started, and the opportunity to overlap with the interim rector before she aways for some vacation will be extremely helpful. 
Tomorrow we leave the lovely confines of Florida (and responsibilities that being here offers these days) to head home, to prepare for a new home in same the same city where we lived for 26 years, but to associate with a new Christian community who is richly welcoming us in. We feel graced by all that has happened, and blessed by all that lies ahead. God is Good ALL THE TIME!