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Cat Bite Fever

The other evening I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time with an angry cat... and he tagged me good.  The scratches were not the issue so much as the bite he laid on me.  Of course, I must admit I was pretty stupid going to see him wearing shorts - I had "Target" written all over me!  He saw his opportunity and took his shot.  I don't fault the animal: his owner recently moved him to a new place, had added a roommate, there were more people in that new small space than he had ever faced before, and he felt backed into a corner.  I never took my eyes off him as he walked by and sized me up.  But when he moved behind me, and I turned toward him, he made his move.  So look for me on the next episode of "When House Pets Attack VII!"

This morning, Chrissie did not like the looks of my leg.  There were signs of infection with redness, slight swelling, warmth around the wound, increased tenderness, oozing of pus from the wound or fever.  Being a diabetic, this was not a good combination for me.  So I went to see my doctor this afternoon.  My temperature was 99.4 degrees and my leg was starting to feel a little weird,  Long story short:  Doc says I would have been visiting the ER by Sunday if I had not come in.  She prescribed both a topical and oral anti-biotic for the next 10 days.  Thankfully, the cat was current on his rabies vaccination, and I had had a tetnus shot in March 2005.  

Anyway, I heard Ted Nugent in my head all day, wailing away on "Cat Scratch Fever".  Not really the story behind the song, but I'll leave it at that.

My wife loves me.  She really, really loves me.  She said she wants to keep me around, and I have no reason to cause her any undue worry.  Heading into Holy Week, I did not need to squeeze in a hospital visit.  Doctors are wonderful, but loving spouses are priceless.  Thank you, Lord.


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Mar. 30th, 2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
And thank you, Lord, for spouses who don't fight going to the doctor. SO much easier than a visit to the ER!
I love you, as I said, madly.
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