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Transitions Ramblings

I have signed a Letter of Agreement for employment as a clergy person in a local parish.  We have agreed to move into the church's rectory for at least a year.  So the process of packing up this house to move to a new home is in full gear.  Last night, we survived an atrocious storm that really tore up the joint around the greater DC Metropolitan region.  Survival means we never lost power, continue to enjoy air conditioning during record heat, with a huge tree limb which still graces our rooftop and deck which does not appear to have done much damage (we hope and pray), but there it remains more than 24 hours later.  Insurance claims and requests for tree removal assistance have so far gone with 'we'll get to you' responses.  I can only imagine that greater need is elsewhere and this will be taken care of at some point in the near future.  

While Heart Of My Heart has done more than her lioness' share of packing things up, today I began to dismantle the downstairs Redskins Room  It wouldn't be so traumatic if I knew we were taking it from here to there, but there is no room for it in the new place.  Some small things will go to adorn my church office and rectory study, but it will nothing like the "man cave/second shrine where we worship" that it has been.  So this transition just got a little more real for me.  Life is indeed changing.  Radically.  

A friend of mine begins her ministry tomorrow at our home parish.  I understand her sense of excitement and anxiety as she shares things she has been doing that I myself have done.  Like reviewing The Priest's Handbook about how to properly process, cense, and proclaim the Holy Gospel.  I did it so many things wrong the 1st time in my home parish.  I don't think we'll be using incense or even chanting the Gospel in my new church.  

Because we tearing up some roots, like trees that can fall on your house, I sometimes find it hard to not want to "wish my life away" in the hopes of getting there sooner.  But we face some serious health issues in parts of our families which make 'wishing,' even for something like getting on with this move, somewhat troubling.  Life is changing, in some ways positively and thankfully, and in other ways sadly and regretfully, and we are powerless to do anything to change either.  So we make our way, day by day, box by box, limb by limb, and life by life.  We celebrate the birth of our grand goddaughter earlier this week.  We wait, watch and wonder what life will be like for others we love.

Through it all, we are grateful to and for God, for one another, and for the many folks, families and friends, who grace our days.  When I was ordained, I said, "I do" and "I will, with God's help."  I meant that then, and I believe it now.  God will be with us in our many different transitions, and the ramblings which follow them.  Thank be to God for that!