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The Singing Preacher

At the 10:00 a.m. service today, I chose to open my sermon with the alternate verse from our singing performance last night.  

                            At Im-man-uel we preach and celebrate;
                            At Im-man-uel we teach and congregate.
                            It started on the day that we met Jesus;
                                                    He came into our hearts and then he freed us.
                                                    For a home that's true, Im-man-uel's for you!

Mary+, her husband P, Heart Of My Heart and I were the second to last performers at the ICOH Homecoming Show and we offered a 'benediction' in the form of Happy Trails (by Dale Evans & Roy Rogers). Our alternate verse was inspired by HOMH (1st two verses) and Dale Evans (2nd two verses) with a combined write by our foursome.


Okay, that's one item off my bucket list (if I am actually had a bucket list): Singing from the pulpit! It was fun!