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Recently, the team hired to conduct the controlled demolition of the fire-ravaged Immanuel Chapel at Virginia Theological Seminary requested prayers before beginning their work.  The dean, VTS staff and demolition team went into the chapel ruin for the devotions.  As a result, these new, most current images of the devastation were available via the VTS website.

               This is the Nave, looking toward the sacristy, with the High Altar space to the upper right.

                Immanuel Nave

                                        This is the choir and chancel space of the High Altar.

                High Altar Space Immanuel

                         Looking back from the High Altar through the Nave to the Narthex and Loft.

               Immanuel Narthex & Loft

I really want to post the landscape rendering of how the chapel ruin will be transformed into the 1881 Memorial Garden. However, I suspect copyright laws prevent me from lifting an image from the legal documents filed by the seminary to the City of Alexandria's Board of Architectural Review. So here's a link to the document:
http://dockets.alexandriava.gov/icons/pz/bar/ohad/cy12/032112/pdi01.pdf  Scroll to page 22 of tis PDF and you'll see the vision for the garden.