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So a Priest Walks into a Bar

I'm making plans to meet some high school buddies for post-holidays libations.  Being a newly ordained priest, whose heading into a bar next Monday with his collar on, you know I have to go armed with "so a priest walks into a bar" jokes.  I like 'em, I want 'em, and I'll use 'em.  I've solicited friends on Facebook, especially my clergy buds, for their favorites.  Here's some of those, and others I've found:

A rabbi, a priest, and a Lutheran minister walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "Is this some kind of joke?"


A priest, a rabbi, and a pastor are sitting in a bar, across the street from a brothel. They are sipping their drinks when they see a rabbi walk in to the brothel. "Oy! It's awful to see a man of the cloth give into temptation," says the rabbi.
A short while later, they see a pastor walk into the brothel. "Damn! It's terrible to see a man of the cloth give into such temptation," says the pastor.
In a little bit, they see a priest enter the brothel.

"It's nice to see the ladies, who have been used so poorly, have time to confess their sins," says the priest.