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To Be Like Tony Lewis

The Rev. Dr. Lloyd A. Lewis, Jr., former Molly Laird Downs Professor of New Testament at Virginia Theological Seminary, is a distinguished scholar, teacher, and now former faculty member at VTS. 

Dr. Lewis (known affectionately as Tony Lewis) was a VTS student (1969-1972); a faculty member (twice) from 1978 through 1991 and from 2000 to December 2012, and a dedicated advocate for the Seminary.  He was the first African American student at St. Stephen's School; he was one of the initial African American students at the Seminary; and he was one of the first African American faculty.  His journey has reflected the journey of the United States and the journey of the Episcopal Church.

On the occasion of his retirement, his official portrait that we contributed to was unveiled.  That portrait now hangs in the refectory over the luncheon table where he often sat and ate.  Tony+ is in his Yale academic regalia standing next to the baptismal font at St. Paul's K Street while holding a copy of "Lift Every Voice and Sing." 

The outgoing VTS Student Body President proposed an idea recently.  As his leave-taking coincided with Tony's retirement, it was suggested that former students of Dr. Lewis have photos taken in 'Like Tony Lewis' poses as a way of saying Thanks and Blessings.

                                 Tony Lewis  Like Tony Lewis 

He was my teacher, friend, confidant, and sometimes mischief-maker.  I treasure his friendship and loved working with him while he was the Liturgical Officer of the Seminary and I served as one of his sacristans.  Tony+ is a picture of grace and a wonderful servant of God.  Our paths have intertwined and are shared forever.

Who wouldn't want to 'be like Tony?'