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A Poopy Day, Then a Laugh

As I walk about Alexandria, there is much about our city that is lovely and nice.  I appreciate the time I have to see it and enjoy it.  However, there are other aspects that present themselves while I am out and about that aggravate me to no end - so much so that I now yell at offendings motorists and express my displeasure out loud to folks who now long since gone had neglected to do the right thing:  

    1) Drivers who fail to observe speed limits in residential areas, or Old Town itself, 
    2) Drivers who fail to stop at Stop Signs,
    3) Drivers who fail to use turn signals to indicate their intentions to us pedestrians,
    4) Pet owners or other pet care providers who insist their dogs do not need to be on a leash when they walk about; AND
    5) Pet owners or other pet care providers who do not clean up after their animals.

It was a Poopy Day today.  The BMs (bowel movements) of all my charges today were yucky!  Yes, I know - lovely topic, David, just lovely!  But there is excrement left behind at corners, on medians, along trails and sidewalks, in gardens and yards, and everywhere it seems to be piling up around our lovely city.  Even stepping out of the way of other pedestrians today, I found some poo with my shoe.  Yuck!  Dammit!!  It pissed me off!!!  And those inconsiderate ones who think they've done their duty (that's duty, not doody) by bagging the poo, but then leave it for someone else to discard - You gotta be kidding me!  If one of my pups stops to do their business at a location frequented by other four-legged friends, I try to offer my service to the city by cleaning up what is there from others who had gone before us.  But sometimes it feels like that classic saying about trying to shove 10 lbs. of S*** in a 5 lb. bag!  It is truly appalling!  DISAPPOINTED!!  

Come on, people of Alexandria!  Please respect your city, your neighbors and fellow citizens by picking up your pup's poop!  And observe and abide by the posted leash laws!  You really cannot plead ignorance.  Signs are posted everywhere!  Okay, off my soap box (for now).  

Now the laugh - here it is:  My prayer today as I walked with my dogs was "You and me, Lord, you and me!" (for background, see my previous post).  Then Ike and I saw this license tag:  ISNOTU.  LOL!  WOO HOO!  Thank you, Lord!  Speak, for your servant is listening!