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Lenten Writing: Ash Wednesday (March 5)

As part of my Lenten discipline this year, I have decided to write something on a daily basis here in my blog.  Sometimes it might be deep and insightful; at other times, it may be superfluous fluff.  Since Morehouse Church Supplies produced The Season of Lent 014 calendar, I am adopting their program for my reflections.

Today's Topic: To begin to Love God and our neighbor, we need to begin with recognizing that we did not make either.

Part of my own personal Rule of Life has been "to remember who God is and who I am not."  I know I am not my Creator, Redeemer, or Sanctifier.

As for my neighbor, I think immediately of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Okay, our last service is upon us. I'll let my homily earlier, and this meager offering be my writing for the day.