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A Tribute to Johnny Hart

Johnny Hart, the cartoonist of "B.C." and "The Wizard of Id" died this past Saturday at the age of 76 from a stroke suffered while at his drawing board.  I realized I missed the Christian message he would sometimes share through "B.C." during the Three Holy Days and Easter.     

Many news outlets announcing his death and now celebrating his life have recalled one specific strip of notoriety that he published on Easter Sunday, 2001 which drew significant ire from Jewish groups.  It eventually led to several newspapers dropping the strip.  The cartoon depicted a menorah that transformed into a cross, with the accompanying text quoting "The Seven Last Words of Christ" from the Cross.  Critics said it implied that Christianity had superseded Judaism.  Hart had intended it as a "tribute to both faiths".  I tunneled about the internet to find a version suitable (readable) for everyone.  Here it is:

B.C. strip from 2001, which generated controversy.

Well done, good and faithful servant.  Rest in Peace, Johnny Hart.