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Joe Gibbs, Head Coach of the Washington Redskins, has a personal website, Joe Gibbs Online (http://www.joegibbsonline.com/index.php), on which he offers a spiritual game plan for playing the game of Life.  In his own words, Joe says, "... the Bible is extremely important.  This is what God left us here... as the game plan.  As I shared with you during the year, I look at life as a game.  You and I are playing the game, okay, and it that's the case, and God is our head coach, and He left us the game plan, then it would be what?  It would be stupid not to be studying the game plan as we play the game of life.  God gave this to us and this is the book we should be studying".

A while back, I was curious enough to request a copy of the Gibbs Bible which I just received recently; it is actually The Christian Life New Testament  (NKJV) that includes Master Outlines and Study Notes.  It is small enough to carry around, so I'll use it since I have it.  I also signed up to receive regular e-mails re: on-going study topics.  This week's topic is "The Bible, the Inspired Word of God".  I'll work through this first topic and get back with you with my observations.  Each topic is offered in Video, Audio and Hard Copy.  If you are interested, check out the video: http://www.joegibbsonline.com/weekly_game_plan.php?item=76.  You even get a little talk about football stuff, and a status on his grandson, Taylor, dealing with leukemia.

Perhaps like me, you also wonder how many people Joe Gibbs may have led to Jesus Christ because he is the Coach of the Washington Redskins?  Well, even if it were only one person, that would be reason enough.  

Put me in the game, Coach, I wanna play!  Praise be to God, and Hail to the Washington Redskins!