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Butt Dust?

During a visit yesterday, one of my clients shared this classic joke with me:

One Sunday a little girl was paying close attention as her pastor raised his hands and prayed, “Oh Lord, without you we are but dust.” Brows furrowed, the little girl leaned over to her mom and asked in a high-pitched voice, “What’s butt-dust?” BAA WAA HAA HAA!

For me, "we are but dust" carries profound meaning, however it also has memories associated with it.

My priest would often exclaim, "We are dust bound for glory".  I think of that now as he is returning to Boston this weekend to run in the B.A.A. Marathon next Monday.  Not too long ago, I would see him running the streets of Del Ray; after I saw him several times in short succession, I knew he was training again.  I would holler "Dust Bound for Glory!" whenever I saw him.  He ran the Wirefly National (D.C.) Marathon - during Lent.  Good Grief, Charlie Brown!  I have personally witnessed the recuperative powers of cold beer ("the magical elixir of life") for this man, so I shared my concerns about him running a Lenten marathon when he (and I this year) decided to abstain from beer.  He said "There's always a first time".  He made it through, with a good time to boot, but I know he still feels the effects of that run as he travels to Boston.  On Monday, please pray for him - he'll be wearing Bib# 19177.  "Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize?" (1 Corinthian 9:24).  Run the good race, Bob, and God Speed!    

However, "butt-dust" also means something to me.  I approach the end of my professional dog-walking career - just another two weeks and the final weekend of April before I "retire" my sneakers and hang up my fanny-pack for good.  Yes, I have been physically active while walking my canine friends, but I have not been actively working towards whatever the rest of this earthly life will ask of me.  Or perhaps more directly, I have not been moving forward toward that which God would have me be or do to magnify His Glory.   

I know I am called.  And today, I found words that meet me right where I am.  In the Master Notes of the The Christian Life New Testament (NKJV) I received courtesy of Joe Gibbs, I found this:  "Saving faith is an intellectual conviction that Jesus is God, and a volitional surrender to Him as Lord (Master) of your life.  By faith, the mind trusts in God; the heart responds to the love of God; the will submits to the commands of God; and the life obeys in the service of God".  It's time to shake off my "butt-dust".  I am ready to get on with it.

Almighty Father, your Seeking Servant prays for guidance (and direction).  Amen.