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Bobby Malm, You're Amazing!

Our friend and priest, Robert H. Malm, the Rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Alexandria VA, just completed running in the 111th Boston Marathon with an official time of 04:10:37.  Amazing!  He is Dust Bound For Glory!

It was an interesting day of active prayer, but certainly not in a calm or silent way.  I was out doing my daily dog walking bit, trying to keep them moving along briskly today in the howling winds of the nor'easter that is blowing through the area.  I was keeping the pups on the move for the most part, repeating to myself over and over again "slow and steady goes the race" and 'dust bound for glory".  In keeping with sporting events such as this that can test both distance, stamina and endurance, I was also thinking "hydrate, hydrate, hydrate" (and perspirate and urinate too)!  I did my bit to pray for him, as did so many others, and to will him along as best I could by modeling those practices (fortunately my feet don't hurt).  Speaking briefly with his wife, Leslie, she said he looked strong as he crossed the finish line.  Their oldest daughter, Lindsey, ran the last 10 miles with him.

Bobby Malm, you are truly amazing!  We wish we could be at the Bull & Finch today to lift some celebratory cold ones with you!  At the Nats-Braves game at RFK, tonight, we will toast you from afar.  Well done, good and faithful servant!  WOO HOO!