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Pastoral Care Ministry Needs at Immanuel


by the Rev. David M. Crosby, Associate Rector, February 12, 2016

Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill parishioners have always cared for one another, whether offering a ride to a doctor’s appointment or to church, making phone calls or maybe visiting someone who lives alone, writing cards to offer prayers and

encouragement, providing meals for someone recovering from surgery or who has welcomed a new baby, or other forms of short-term or maybe long-term help.

For those who need help with transportation to appointments, need assistance with shopping runs, or who want to attend church on Sundays or other parish activities during the week, we’re casting the net again, hopefully farther and deeper, for any ad hoc transportation resources within our parish.

From time to time, we hear from people looking for housing, either temporary or long-term. If you know of rental properties needing tenants, or homes yearning for a family, that would be helpful to know.

Occasionally, we receive pleas for legal guidance, to mitigate unfortunate circumstances or changing life situations. It would be good to develop an informal catalogue of legal consultants.

A food ministry is also something we offer as needed. This involves coordinating meals to be carried in or delivered to assist individuals or families during the recuperative time of healing and rehabilitation.

Lastly, the clergy are regularly contacted to assist with financial matters. This area is hard to manage, especially with fleeting discretionary funds. If you are moved to contribute to the discretionary funds of the clergy, checks should be written to Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, and designated to the rector’s or associate’s discretionary fund. Clergy sometimes direct honorariums received for other pastoral ministries to discretionary funds to assist in this ministry.

If any of these needy areas might be a ministry which you could support from time to time, please make your availability known to me or Fr. Randy. Thank you.

Blessings & Peace,