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The Sounds of Discernment

Hello Blog, my dear old friend
I've come to post to you again
Because a movement has begun dawning
And my heart is once again longing
To know what's new and next with God
For it feels somewhat odd
But well within the realm of Discernment.

In days and nights I sit still
Seeking to hear the desire of God's Will
On the couch or in a pub
I try to quiet the surrounding hubbub
With eyes, heart, and mind open to whatever
Might be the next great endeavour
In this on-going life of Discernment.

In these most recent days
I've pray I haven't too far strayed
afield and from the path you set for me
For its not just me - its us, its we
We go together, not alone or without each other
With you, God - father, mother, spirit, brother
Because of this wilderness walk called Discernment.

"God", cried I, "I do not know
To where or in what or even how to go
I seek your vision that I might see
What it is you want of or for me
But it feels a bit like abandonment
That I cannot find my way yet through Discernment.

So I with others bow and pray
For that next call along the Way
Waiting for post-its, emails texts, or other blips
That might come from your desire to my lips
To again speak aloud where you would have me go
All the while I certainly know
About this curious journey called Discernment.