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From the Crib to the Cross

In today's Adult Forum at Grace, we welcomed Dr. Raymond F. Glover, Professor Emeritus of Music and former Organist of The Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) in Alexandria, VA.  As part of a series on "Nativity Images of Jesus", Dr. Glover said The Hymnal 1982 "is [the congregation's] book of theology".  He noted many Advent hymns highlight the cycle of the Incarnation of the Nativity, the Passion of the Crucifixtion, and the Promise fulfilled through the Resurrection.  The hymns we looked at and sang through included:

#57/58  -  "Lo! he comes, with clouds descending
#104     -  "A stable lamp is lighted"
#55       -  "Redeemer of the nations, come"
#75       -  "There's a voice in the wilderness crying"

Dr. Glover explained " We cannot separate the crib from the cross".  The infant Jesus in the manger is the Son of God on the cross who came into the world to bear our sins and redeem our lives. 

Thanks be to God!

Our King and Savior now draws near. Come let us adore him.