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Episcopal Cafe' Meditations

I recently found, or was led to, a link for The Episcopal Cafe which is a ministry of The Diocese of Washington.  It has some really good things to offer:  several different blogs devoted to news and commentary on events in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, with featured articles on theology, peace and justice initiatives and popular culture, and sermons, reflections, multimedia meditations and excerpts from books on spirituality.  

It also offers Multimedia Meditations that are pretty neat.  There are several to choose from - my favorite is O Gracious Light.


Click this link http://www.edow.org/spirituality/meditation/index.html and have your sound on for the wonderful music. 

I love to be in the church alone when there is little to nothing happening but for changes in the spectrum of color and light.  As the sun illuminates the windows of the sanctuary and narthex, I feel a sense of peace abide with me, and then and there, I feel safe and secure.