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I Went, I Saw, I'm Disappointed

Yes, I was part of the idiot wall-crawling, web-slinging nation that went to the late night, pre-dawn 1st showing of Spider-man 3.

Decked out in my way-cool Spider-man shirt that Chrissie bought me in 2002 while she was in Tokyo, I went to a 11:59 p.m. showing last night at a nearby theater.  When I stopped at the kiosk to collect my internet-purchased ticket, two women giddily approached me to comment on my "awesome shirt".  Yes, I was being silly too.  I quickly grabbed popcorn and a soda before making my way in to my seat.  Walking inside, the growing murmur said I would not be alone as the theater was already half-full and brimming with geeky anticipation.

Well, hmmm... its very hard to speak badly about something I wanted so dearly to love... (just like my Redskins of late)... however, I must.

In this third installment that Spidey fan-dom wants to grow well beyond the trilogy it will ultimately ends as, Sam Raimi directed an "okay" movie.  If it hung on its own web, that would be just fine.  However it was spun after the first two movies amped up the franchise and set our expectations really high.  I'm not going to reveal anything here - I'll leave that for others to do.  Go see it.  The movie was entertaining, and it had some good bits of comedy (perhaps not all intended as such) interspersed amongst all the story-telling and really cool effects and clashes between hero(es) and villains  (oops, that might be a spoiler).  At 2 hours 20 minutes, it is a long movie.  I will probably go see it again because I want to be sure I didn't miss something that might make me feel better about it.  However, as I walked out and avoided the Channel 8 film crew there to capture viewers reaction, I thought to myself, "There won't be a Spider-man 4.  A lot of loose ends were tied up way too nicely".  

In closing, maybe Toby Maguire will be invited to be on "Dancing with the Stars"  (Yep that's a teaser).