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I was tired.  Yeah, that's it.  I shouldn't have gone at midnight.  Spidey, forgive me.  I do love you.  Thwipp!  Thwipp!


The Morality Play that is Spider-man 3 was much better the second time around.  Obviously there's lots of right vs. wrong, but there is lots of 'I'm really not bad, I've been caught up in bad circumstances'.  It is a moral play of how power corrupts, and extreme power corrupts extremely.  Do what's right.  You always have a choice.  It's all about Choices and Decisions.  Hmmmmmmmmm.  And real men do cry.  Right, Peter?  Thank you for Aunt May and Harry's Houseman for being the cinematic voices of reason here. 

I went to see Spidey 3 again (please forgive me for going alone) because I had to work through some very serious initial disappointment issues.  If you know me, you know I wanted to love this movie.  And thankfully, now, I do love it.  I enjoyed it far more in Round Two.  It had to grow on me, and it has.  There's a lot in this movie.  Perhaps too much, but the story-telling is well crafted and the editing is far better than I first gave it credit.  The effects were even more awesome because I was looking for other things.  Yes,  some loose-ends were tied up, nicely I might add, however there are some interesting possibilities.  

Sam Raimi (the director), come back for Spidey 4 if you want to.  Tobey (Peter) and Kirsten (MJ) too.  But if you feel you should leave it at this, I'm okay with that.

Do what's right.