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Another Notable Weekend

Reflecting on Ignatian Spirituality and using the practice of Noting, 'twas another remarkable weekend:

++  I learned from the Presiding Bishop on Friday that "conversation" comes for a latin word meaning to "turn about, to go around with, to have dealings with...“ and that conversation ”has that same constellation of meaning as the Hebrew word ‘yada , “to know” ...".  So yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah might actually mean something after all.

++  The PB (The Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schori) is a holy woman who is blessed with quiet confidence, great wisdom and enormous understanding.  Some might say she has more patience than understanding, however I learned a long time ago from my big sister that you should never pray for patience - you should pray for understanding; Praying for patience only gives you more opportunities to practice it (patience, that is).

++  The excitement of attending the consecration of a new Bishop in the Episcopal Church was not diminished by not knowing him personally.  (My first consecration experience was with the present Bishop of Oklahoma, who used to be our Rector at Grace Church; Bob Moody has served as Oklahoma's diocesan bishop since 1989, and soon will retire). 

++  Grace Church, Alexandria was well represented at Shannon Johnston's Consecration at the Washington National Cathedral:  our Rector is the Dean of Region IV (Alexandria) and served as a chalicist; five folks from our choirs added their voices to the 190+ person choir; and another 13 people or more from our parish were in the congregation.

++  The preacher Saturday, The Bishop of Atlanta, proclaimed a consecration is "an act of faith, a sign of hope, a living reminder of the mission that Jesus Christ has given to the Church. It is an act of faith in God's confidence in the Church, God's faith in us to live boldly, perhaps even daringly."  As he said it was necessary to raise up new leaders in ministry because our church still thrives and grow, I felt a sense of purpose and affirmation in my call. 

++  The new Bishop Coadjutor of The Diocese of Virginia has a lovely singing and chanting voice, and celebrates the Eucharist beautifully.  I cannot wait to hear him preach.  The Rt. Rev. Shannon S. Johnston will preside at the Eucharist and preach at Grace Church for the Easter Vigil, 2008.

++  It was fun to see clergy friends who are excited for me that I am finally entering into formal discernment.  I asked for their prayers.  One priest, when I shared with her, said "Good. I feel it".  Another, feeling a bit vindicated that I had finally answered the phone, said, "Remember you've been called by God, but this process is managed by people".  Ominous at best, but a sound reminder none the less.

++  At the 7:30am service today, after leading the Prayers of the People, my Rector handed me the ciborium and sent me out with the other LEM to offer communion to a parishioner in the pews.  Never done that before.  There's a first time for everything.  Given what Bob said to me last week (again, I think I'm glad he's not a Bishop yet), I should be ready to expect the unexpected from him going forward.  

++  My work in Stephen Ministry has led to some Evangelism.  The daughter of my Care Receiver who died recently is considering coming back to church.  She and her daughter were at the 9:00am service today.  The younger daughter was baptized at the same fount at Grace Church eight years ago.  My friend thought hearing portions of the lesson from Acts in different languages was pretty cool.  I agree.   

++  Father Bob preached that "if the church is to be built up in all places at all times, growth in the church is necessary to spread the Gospel".  The Acts of the Apostles tells us "about three thousand were added to their number" (baptized) at the first Pentecost.  At the two main services at Grace Church today, we celebrated two more Baptisms.   How many more were baptized in the Episcopal Church today?