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Turning Another Page

Happy Birthday to me!  I turn 49 today.  WOO HOO!

As I move into my 50th year in this life, I consider some things I have learned:

  o  God is great, God is good
  o  I love my father, I miss my mother, and I treasure my sister and brother
  o  Chrissie ("heart of my heart") is "the love of my life"
  o  My family and friends are the greatest gift to me
  o  The Lord Will Provide
  o  I do love cold beer
  o  Youth is wasted on the young
  o  Tailgating before a Redskins game brings me great joy
  o  Pray for understanding, not patience (praying for patience only affords you more opportunities to need to practice it) 
  o  I am a "rag top" man (I love my convertible)
  o  It's good to be a dog
  o  I would rather drive than ride along
  o  Golf can be a lot of fun when you don't care so much
  o  Get out and vote - "maintain your bitchin' rights"
  o  Doing laundry is not hard and cleaning house can be fun
  o  I am blessed beyond measure


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May. 30th, 2007 03:14 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday to you! I'm not at old as Gail - whose sung birthday messages were treasures - but I send you my heartiest best wishes for a wonderful day and blessed year.
Anne C.
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