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Is it a new compass that enables us to do things with joy in our heart? Maybe its the same compass we've always had, but rather a new compass heading?

Its been nine months since I left my first major career after having spent well over half my life working for, in, with the same company. I learned a lot from my Visa experience. I was compensated well, and always felt appreciated for the time and effort I gave to whatever challenge they laid before me. While there were many treasured, joy-filled moments working with my colleagues, the major motivating factor putting me there, and keeping me there so long, was that "means to an end": cash, $$$$, a regular paycheck. I recall some friends measured success by whether or not they made their age in $1,000s. When younger, that 'compass' provided a feeling of self-worth.

Now in my present circumstances, the financial compensation is comparable to what I made 30 years ago as a teenager delivering the Washington Post. As a independent contractor walking dogs and providing pet care to other folk's critters, the pay is not lucrative, however the benefits are more than exceptional. I believe God's best, real, tangible example here on earth of what unconditional love is comes from furry four-legged creatures, God-made and God-given. "We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." - M. Acklam.

In this time, which I have termed "fallow time", even "Sabbath time", I am trying to walk to a new compass heading, if not with a new compass in hand. Giving can happen by merely saying "Yes". Joy can come from so many things, and they do not have to be "big". I'm trying to give more, in new and different ways, just for the joy of it. Because God has blessed me richly, and I am thankful.