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525,600 Minutes

I could say I let my cold rob me of another day, but I'd be lying.... I robbed myself.  I'm better than I was, but not as good as I need to be.

1,440 Minutes - WASTED.  But at least it was only one day, and not a full Year, or 525,600 Minutes.

If you recognize the reference, Yes, I just balled my eyes out over the movie RENT.  Composer Jonathan Larson's vibrant and memorable (to all who have seen it, heard it, experienced it on stage) rock opera RENT tells the story of a group of "bohemians" who struggle to live day by day in the gritty, grimy neighborhood know as NYC's East Village.  I emphasize "bohemians" because it is a modern-day telling of Puccini's classic opera ("La boheme").  This group of starving artists are drawn together and united by poverty, illness and AIDS.  RENT swept all the major theater awards in 1996, including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and four TONY Awards.  Most "Rentheads" will tell you the movie version is a poor result in comparison to the live stage production.  In fact, they would say it failed miserably.  However, being a movie-phile, I really do appreciate the work director Christ Columbus did to bring this musical to the silver screen.  I actually like the way he staged it in New York City and filmed a lot on real city streets in The Big Apple.  

Friends have told me they were totally depressed by this story.  Thankfully, I know a multitude of others, and count myself among them, who cried through the standard of love, hope, acceptance and redemption that shines through this particular darkness. "No Day but Today".  "I'll Cover You".  "Forget Regret or Life is yours to miss".  "Seasons of Love".  These are just a few themes that will push me through the minor inconvenience of a summer-time cold to rejoin an active world and make something of the time we are never guaranteed to have.  Case in point:  Larson died of an aortic aneurysm after the final dress rehearsal of RENT and never realized the acclaim he so richly deserved.

Twenty-four hours lost.  But no more.  No Day but Today.