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Jeeez!  This being sick during summer really does suck!  Sorry, there's no other word for it than that it SUCKS!  BIG TIME!  Thankfully I'm on the mend.  My raging head cold had threatened to blow up into bronchitis, then I got conjunctivitis (pink eye) on top of that!  YUCK!

When I wasn't trying to rest to recuperate, I was busy fretting over a commitment made to coordinate overnight lodging for choristers visiting from an Episcopal Church in Charlotte, NC.  Being summertime, AND Father's Day weekend, AND the weekend of the Alexandria Red Cross Waterfront Festival, AND with the ordination of twelve Virginian seminarians to the Diaconate at the Washington National Cathedral (including one from Grace), etc., etc. etc., it proved to be a tough weekend to ask folks to house kids overnight.  I spent the better part of this past week making phone calls to anyone and everyone at Grace seeking help, as well as saying prayers for deliverance from ailments.  Finally Thursday night, after imposing on several good friends to double up on kids, we finally had spots for all of them.  The Lord Had Provided ...Again!  Afterwards, I exclaimed to the heavens, "Let the healing begin!".  I readily acknowledge the stress of this effort did nothing to help me recover from my cold.  And the inertia that set in was related to it as well.  But, the children performed a wonderful concert at Grace last night and then trundled off with different parishoners.  The Touring Boys & Girls Choirs of St. Peter's have children ranging in ages from 9 to 14.  Sixteen girls and eleven boys were farmed out to houses.  We had five boys bunk in with us.  Another house had four boys, and another had four girls.  But they were nice kids all around, and very appreciative of the hospitality extended to them.  This morning, we got them all back to the church - on time - so they could continue their tour.

In retrospect, the house is clean, all the laundry is done, and I am finally beginning to feel better.  Thank you, Lord!

Now, I want to be well to send Chrissie off Thursday with the Journey To Adulthood (J2A) group on pilgrimage to Germany.