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Tiger Woods

I admire Tiger Woods.  I just watched a press conference he gave after completing his play in the third round of the U.S. Open at Oakmont (PA).  You can see and hear the respect he has for this game that is his passion and livelihood.  When he is satisfied with his game, he says so.  When he's pissed, he shows that as well.  The man is fallible.  But he speaks well of the game, its storied past, and he honors the spirit of a sport which he plays.

If you have watched any of the U.S. Open coverage this week, it is obvious this golf course is beating a lot of good players.  I can't begin to imagine how many strokes it would take me to get around for 18 holes at Oakmont.  (If you consider $/shot, I'd probably be getting a great bargain, but it would likely demoralize me so badly I'd break every club in my bag, toss my bag in the nearest bunker, and quit the game forever).   

Tiger is the best (at least right now, today) at what he does.  But it doesn't come to him easily.  He has to work at it.  And he does.  When you watch him play the great game of golf, what seems difficult for so many just seems to be a bit easier for him.  But don't hate Tiger for his success.  No one works harder at developing his game or preparing for a tournament than he does.  And he gives a lot back to the game he loves.  Many people think he's not human, however he is married, and he and his lovely wife are expecting their first child sometime soon.  (There's even a Nike Father's Day commercial on TV now where baby clubs are delivered to Casa Woods as a gift - it's very cute).

Anyway, I believe Tiger is good for the game of golf, and that he is a wonderful ambassador to the sport.  It can be difficult now to find a convenient tee time or get around a course in a modest amount of time, but Tiger has made the game "cool" and everyone wants to play it.  No one approaches the game expecting the same success Tiger enjoys, but when I do hit the one, two or three really good shots that might happen in the round, it only encourages me to come back again.  I think Tiger has instilled that in me.  Thanks, Bud!