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I was taking a little time to peruse other blogs when I came upon an incredibly well-reasoned article at www.episcopalcafe.com/.  I'm giving it a SHOUT-OUT here because it addresses the unrelenting encroachment of youth sporting activities on Sunday mornings which tug at kids and pull families from their regular discipline of faith in community.  

Even this morning at Grace, we commissioned eleven pilgrims and five adult leaders to depart next Thursday on their pilgrimage to Germany.  All the adults were present and most of the kids (a few were away with their fathers celebrating Father's Day in their own way, but at least one was missing due to a sports camp).  As a person who certainly benefited from my own Father's attempt to make every opportunity to compete in sports all the more special for me (I specifically remember a steak & eggs breakfast he cooked for me before one tournament), I cannot recall ANY instance where he/we allowed sports to interfere with our attendance to or participation in church on Sunday morning.

I find it almost offensive that this has become more the rule than the exception of late.  This is one of those instances when I am more than happy to not be a parent, to be placed in a position of making this decision and possibly disappointing or hurting my child.  As a regular Youth Leader in my church, we have faced this dilemma often.  Many times I have made personal sacrifices of my own to be available for the kids.  When those sacrifices are not met with the same good intentions of others (the kids to come, or parents to help them get there), it is disheartening.  Anyway, the reasoning offered in this article is sound and well-said, and I commend it to your reading: