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Random 8

I've been tagged by my friend Connie http://www.wyochaplain.typepad.com so here are the rules:
   a)   I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
   b)   Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
   c)   People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
   d)   At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
   e)   Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they are tagged and to visit your blog.

1.   My initials (DM) stand for something more than just David Malcom.  I am the youngest of three children.  My brother is four years older than me; my sister is three years older than him.  We all shared the same initials "DMC" growing up, but for me it really means "Damn Martini", as in "if it hadn't been for that last damn martini".  I was, apparently, an unplanned child.  Oooops!  Or was I adopted?  That could explain why there is only one picture of me as an infant.

2.   I am a Navy Junior/Preacher's Kid.  I was born into a Navy family.  I was born in Norfolk, VA; shortly after my birth, we moved briefly to Brunswick, GA before heading out to the west coast:  Huntington Beach, CA and Coronado/San Diego, CA; then back east to Quonset Point/East Greeenwich, RI, and finally to Northern Virginia (Springfield).  So I really am, and will always consider myself, a Virginia Boy - by birth and heritage!  When my father retired from the Navy in 1974, he went to seminary (VTS) and became an Episcopal Priest.    

3.   While stationed in Coronado, my favorite toy was a Dick Tracy rubber-tipped dart gun.  One day, unbeknownst me during a rabies scare in San Diego, I popped a neighbor's notoriously mean dog in the nose with a dart at point blank range.  In return, he bit me and then ran for the hills.  Since the neighbors could not find their dog, nor produce records of ever having him vaccinated for rabies, I had to endure the complete set of rabies shots - 16 in all back then - right through the belly button.  OUCH!  No, I don' remember getting the shots, however there is a tiny sign on this particular belly button that says "Absolutely No Lint Picking Allowed".

4.   While Chrissie and I have had cats before, and probably will again, I am primarily a Dog Person.  I think dogs will always forgive, but cats never seem to forget.  Dogs will cuddle with you, or permit you to cuddle with them, but cats only tolerate being held.  Dogs always greet you at the door with happy noises, glad to see you come back.  Cats, rather ask "Where have you been, and what didn't you bring me this time?"  In my way of thinking, the best kind of cat is one that thinks it's a dog.  Tabasco Cat, I still miss you. 

5.   If I had known then what I know now, I would have always had a convertible.  I am a Rag Top Man!  I absolutely love putting the top down on the Sebring and going cruising no particular place for no particular thing.  Just the sun in my face, and the breeze blowing through my hair, with good tunes on the radio.  Cruising is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, especially in the face of rising gas prices.  But it makes my heart swell, and my spirit soar!

6.   Typically, five to six hours of sleep is just about right for me.  I don't really consider myself a Night Owl or a Morning Person, but given good health, I can be a little bit of both.  I must admit though I have become a napper as I have grown older.  Nothing wrong with that! 

7.   While most everyone who knows me as SUPR FAN knows it is because of my long-time affinity for and deep-seeded love of the NFL Washington Redskins, I am a fan of other sports as well.  I appreciate that Washington D.C. once again boasts itself as a Major League Baseball town with the Nationals (who showed the Detroit Tigers just last night at "it ain't over til its over") and we attend a lot of games at RFK (though the new stadium next year will be totally awesome!).  A soccer player since the 5th grade, I really do need to get to some D.C. United games this year because I watch them on TV whenever I can - Futbol, as it is known around the world, IS still the greatest sport in the world.  And Golf (PGA, LPGA, Celebrity, whatever) is great to cool in person, but watching on TV allows you to see and learn more.  Finally, college football and basketball, and the Olympics when they happen, round out this category for me. 

8.   I am not an avid or accomplished reader by any means, and I admit I watch entirely way too much TV!  This is one habit that most definitely needs to change in the next 15 months or so if I have any hope of going to Seminary and graduating to become an Episcopal Priest.  Lord, please help me!      

Okay, it's my turn to tag others, right?  Word of Mikecag55, smwbassist, ToobanetraAngel, romelovercountryparsonangrycrafts and tlbignerd - Have fun!


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Jun. 19th, 2007 09:42 pm (UTC)
Ya shoulda tagged Scott.
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