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Channeling Tom Boswell


I am tired of hearing baseball experts trash our fledgling franchise, saying we would be the bottom-feeders of MLB!

But, as the highly esteemed Thomas Boswell of The Washington Post notes in his column today:  "A week shy of the midpoint of their season, the Nationals walked off the field at RFK Stadium yesterday with a higher winning percentage than the (Cincinnati) Reds, (Kansas City) Royals, (Texas) Rangers, (Houston) Astros, (Chicago) White Sox and (Pittsburgh) Pirates.  And the same record as the (Baltimore) Orioles.  By midnight, the standings shuffled a bit.  But the point is the same.  Deep into the season, the Nats are the punch line, not the joke".

Daily, I check the MLB standings to find others playing Team BUTR to us!  That's BUTR, as in "Bringing Up The Rear"!  

To those supposedly expert baseball minds out there in media land, I say "fooey on youeey".

To Peter Angelos up there in Charm City (aka, Baltimore), I say "HA!"

And to the growing Nats Nations, I say, "Get behind this team! Manny Acta for Manager of the Year!"