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Apparently, the translation was accurate enough:  We pray angels around their plane, O Lord, angels around their plane.

It is 12:33 a.m. Monday morning, July 2nd.  A nagging throb and firmness in the top of my left foot (aka, a slight cramp) has prompted me to leave my bed and my slumbering beloved.  My freshly minted and recently returned German 'Pilgrup' has come home safely, so I will take a moment to pause and give thanks to Almighty God for the good journey and her safe deliverance.  Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers.

Chrissie is back, and my heart rejoices.  I missed her terribly.  I wished I had been with her and the others to share in their pilgrimage.  Tonight, as parents, spouses, families and friends of the eleven young people and four adults who journeyed to Germany and back gathered at the airport to welcome them home, I was thanked by many for sharing Chrissie with their loved ones.  Yes, I readily acknowledge she is my gift from God.  But she is not something or someone to keep all to myself.  For to do so would be to work against God, and what God would have her do for Him.  Not to mention Chrissie would probably take exception herself.

No, I am happy and proud she offers herself in these ways as part of these undertakings.  Her sense of adventure, youthful spirit, and willingness to be with our young adults to find God anywhere and everywhere is one of those endearing qualities that attracts me to her, and makes me love her all the more.  I have a good life, and I am truly blessed.  As a friend of mine said recently, "Being married rocks!".

It seems that in these brief moments, all has been made right in my world.  The cramp is gone, and I should return to my beloved's side.

Danke, Herr, für Ihre Gnade ist groß.  (Thank you, Lord, for your mercy is great).     


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Jul. 3rd, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
What's going on with Kingfest?
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