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The Visiting Vicar?

Today, we did something very American and apple pie-ish for the Fourth of July: We went to a Washington Nationals baseball game at RFK.  What a wonderful day as our 'Nats prevailed and defeated the visiting Chicago Cubs 6-0.  Fireworks before the game, and fireworks during the game (a home run by Ryan Zimmerman in the 1st inning, and a grand slam by Dimitri Young later in the 5th) gave us plenty to cheer about.  WOO HOO!  Shortly before the game actually began, and even longer afterwards, we were out in the parking lot, hanging out with good friends, enjoying our favorite cold malt beverages, appreciating the weather of the day, and celebrating the freedom we all live in.

During the game, Chrissie and I were just happy to be back together.  Baseball, for us, is short spurts of action thrown in amongst long stretches of waiting for more short spurts of action to happen.  But it allows us to just be together which is what we really like about all of it.  Anyway, as she told me more about the recent pilgrimage, Chrissie mentioned the english language ministry that takes place in Lutherstadt Wittenburg between May and October.  The current pastor there during their visit was to be there two weeks before leaving to go back home to New Mexico.  It started us thinking out loud about the journey we are embarking on as I respond to God's call for ministry.  What does God have in store for us?  Where will it take us?  What will it require of us?  Where will we go to first, or end up at next?

The Outdoor Living Network (OLN) has a regular cable show called "The Wandering Golfer".  The premise is that this ordinary individual is tapped to travel the world, meet all kinds of people associated with the great game of golf, play courses all around the globe, taking in the local flavor and history, while relating all of it as a layman of the game to TV viewers.  Chrissie and I began to imagine a life of me as "The Visiting Vicar", going around the globe to find Christ everywhere we were, and to preach the Gospel to everyone we meet.  Of course, you can bet we'd take our golf clubs with us too.  But everyone should have a dream in addition to their vocation in life.  Why can't we find some fun amidst all the work this will ask of us.  First things first:  Let's see what happens with the Parish Discernment Committee process, and explore some other things related to this call.  But maybe, just maybe, a phone call to CTN (the Christian Television Network) or CTS (Christian Cable Television) or 3ABN (Three Angles Broadcast Network) might be in order.  


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Jul. 4th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC)
Sounds good
Jul. 5th, 2007 11:29 am (UTC)
David - you are a constant inspiration to me - I read your blog nearly every day and the breadth of your commentary never ceases to amuse and amaze me. The wandering vicar is but one of many ways in which God may be calling you. In some ways I don't want your role in my life (and that of Grace) to change - but in other ways I know we can't keep you all to ourselves. The vision of you and Chrissie spreading the love you share is comforting and wonderful.

Anne C.
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