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Nicely Done, Mr. Woods, A Grade-A Event

Being a person who enjoys the game of golf and tries to play it, as someone who appreciates living in the greater Washington DC-Virginia-Maryland area, and one who thinks that those who serve in our armed forces to protect and preserve the freedom we enjoy deserve our most profound thanks, I wanted to offer my own "Well Done" to Tiger Woods.

Tiger, the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD, the PGA Tour, and many, many others put on a fine tournament in our area.  I watched as much TV coverage as I could Thursday through Saturday.  Then Sunday, through the generosity of a friend, Chrissie and I scored two gallery passes to roam the golf course to watch the professionals play.  Everything about our experience was great.  We picked up the passes on the way to a satellite lot where we parked and boarded buses to take us to Congressional.  Easily done.  No fuss, no muss.  We were at the golf course quickly with little to no traffic to delay us.  Pretty slick.  We were dropped off by the 16th hole and quickly in the gate, walking the course.  Very cool.  Ultimately seeing Tiger Woods in person birdie the 11th hole while sitting in the grandstands was a real thrill.  Ultra cool.  Finally, as he walked off the green, I could not resist the urge to add my voice to the growing crescendo - THANK YOU, TIGER!

It was so hot during the day that buying bottles of water to keep hydrated was paramount.  No problem.  The beer we wanted would have to wait until after we left and found cooler confines.  Again, no problem.  We saw our friends who provided the passes, and another who is a member at Congressional and was working the tournament, and finally we even found a nephew and his bride amidst the crowd.  We moved about some of the course, but we wanted to watch golf and see players more than the course itself, so we sat and let the golf come to us.  Every spectator we met throughout the day enjoyed their experience; every patron helping put on the event did a great job.  The paper today suggest that Tiger Woods commands that kind of respect.  Perhaps.  Probably likely.  But everyone who wants the PGA to keep DC  on the tour map did their best to get the inaugural AT&T National hosted by Tiger Woods off to a phenomenal start. 

I could go on gushing, but I'll try to stop now.  Tiger is amazing, and this is just another instance of his influence on today's game.  I'm happy he didn't win this first time.  I think he needed to 'birth' the tournament and hand out the trophy to some else than himself  (Congrats, K.J. Choi!).  Next year, K.J. can pass the trophy back to Tiger as the winner.  I expect we'll be there to see that, along with the other countless thousands of others who will also flock back in 2008.  THANK YOU, TIGER!  NICELY  DONE!!