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What Banishes Your Tormenting Spirit?

Today's OT reading comes from 1 Samuel 16:14-17:11.  It tells of the Lord's disfavor visited upon Saul in the form of an evil spirit.  Saul then summons David to come play the lyre for him to drive off the tormenting spirit.  Later, we are on the battlefield awaiting a warrior to step forward to battle Goliath.  However, today's meditation in Forward Day By Day chose to focus on Verse 16:23 - "Whenever the evil spirit from God came upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his hand, and Saul would be relieved."     

What banishes your tormenting spirit?  Be it Resentment, Animosity, Despondency, or Egoism - what frees you from its grip?

For me, there are several things that instantly come to mind if I stop to think of them, or more importantly, do them:  Hold Chrissie close, let Mulligan sit at my feet to cuddle, driving my Sebring convertible with the top down, to see or even just speak with a member of my immediate family, and to tail-gate in the parking lot at FedEx Field before a 'Skins game amidst "my people".  All these things bring me joy, and lift my spirit, driving away whatever negative thing(s) that may be haranguing or harassing me.

My hope is that everyone has something that relieves them of their tormenting spirits.  Everyone should have someone or something that brings them Joy.  Everyone.

"But I shall see you again, and then you will be joyful, and no one shall rob you of your joy." - John 16:22b