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Time To Focus

It's Saturday night, the Nats won today (yeah!), and I have yet to finish the narratives for my CPE application(s) yet.  During the game this afternoon, I fixated on the DC Children's Hospital Medical Center sign in left center field at RFK.  I had a very real sense that doing CPE now there was not the right thing for me to do.  Perhaps in the future between my junior and middler year of seminary (if that's where God leads me).  Just as clear as that was, it was clear 1) I should do my initial CPE interval at Goodwin House, and 2) no more blogging can be done (after now) until the CPE App is done and submitted.  So, if you read here, hopefully you see something new sooner rather than later.  Peace.


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Jul. 23rd, 2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
We'll miss you!
Like the Nike people say - just do it! Hope you finish that app quickly so we'll see your blog back up and running again soon. I always enjoy what I read here, and I know there are many others like me...rest assured the return of the blog will be eagerly awaited.
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