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Carefully Caring For Gibbs (And Mulligan)

We're into Day Four of the Expanded Family, with littl' Gibbs joining us'.  Here's a recap of our weekend:

Day One - Friday 2:00 pm:  I went to the Alexandria animal shelter to sign papers, buy supplies, and claim the three month old Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix male pup who now goes by the name 'Gibbs' (as in Coach Gibbs of the Washington Redskins).  He rode in the car well in a little crate with occasional squeals.  Bringing him home to Mulligan was both exciting and scary - I knew The Big Dog would realize his turf was being infringed upon.  Thankfully, a few sniffs from Mulligan, and a few licks from Gibbs got us off to an good start.  During the afternoon and evening after Chrissie came home, we had a few accidents in the house as we try to read our new pup's tendencies.  Greased Lightning cleaner and Anti-Icky Poo bacteria/enzyme solution to disinfect were used often and liberally.  Doling out new toys began as we tried to find ways to distract Gibbs from chewing on things or annoying Mulligan.  We went to bed at 11pm, using the smallest of the two crates.  (We later found it was okay for transport, but not ideal for crating overnight). 

Day Two - Saturday:  1am - Out to 'Strip Tanks".  3am - out again.  5:45am - Out but again.  7:15am - Once again before feeding time.  Well, it doesn't involve baby wipes or diapers, but the occasional plastic bag is needed.  Mostly, he pees.  I went to church in the morning for Altar Guild, so Chrissie had him early.  At 1pm, we took Mulligan and Gibbs to the Vet... in the convertible... with the top down.  The new vet we met at Del Ray was charmed by both of them.  As Mulligan was getting his check-up, Gibbs curled up in the Feline Scale on the counter and went to sleep.  Too Cute!  After shots and paperwork, we headed home.  We learned a quick lesson:  Leaving the top down in summer sun made it very hot for Mulligan in the back seat (not to mention Mommy & Daddy's butts too).  I think they both picked out their beds in the den (Red for Gibbs; Blue for Mulligan).  Saturday evening brought friends over for the 'Skins first pre-season game with much love and attention being showered on both Mulligan and Gibbs.  Gibbs made his first appearance in the Redskins Room!  WOO HOO!  After Washington snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat, our guests departed and we went to bed about 11:30pm.  Gibbs was much happier this night in the larger crate.

Day Three - Sunday:  Gibbs slept through the night - probably due to the vaccinations during his vet visit, and the excitement of folks coming by Saturday night.  We were very happy to sleep in.  I served on the Altar at 7:30am, so Chrissie had morning duty.  I was late arriving at the sacristy as the priest, altar party and Altar Guild Crew Leader all waited on me.  I definitely felt like a father of a newborn.  While I was at church, Chrissie was upstairs showering and Gibbs was tucked away in the kitchen by himself.  At some point, he let out a loud "yeam"  (part yelp, mostly scream) that alarmed Chrissie so she tore downstairs dripping wet wrapped in a towel so see what he had done to himself.  Sitting at the gate wagging his tail, he was just happy to see her.  I came home, got briefed, we played tag-team, and Chrissie went off to the 10am service to sing while I had the watch.  Thankfully, there were no issue and no accidents.  Some family & friends visited during the day to see the twosome.  More toys for both.  The afternoon was mostly watching golf, and going in and out to 'strip tanks'.  Sunday evening, we had our first experience of Mulligan not tolerating Gibbs' attention while he was drinking.  The ferocity of Mulligan's reaction and the helpless squeal emitted from Gibbs frightened me (I think more so than Chrissie).  He is so much bigger, stronger, and heavier than the puppy.  All the books say it needs to happen, but it is hard to let it.  Gibbs survived, but I'm watching them both a little more closely.     

Day Four - Monday (so far):  3am - out to piddle.  Then again when after Mommy had gotten up to ready for work.  Fed and outside several times to pee.  Out back a few times to romp around with Mulligan.  With the 'play bowing' between the two of them, I began to breathe a little easier.

So, is this what paternity leave feel like?  Hmmmmm.