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Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

Another step ventured today as I went to Goodwin House, Bailey's Crossroads for my CPE program interview.  

I learned the extended session begins Friday, October 5th and continues until February 22nd.  Clinical seminar days will be Fridays from 8:30am-2:00pm with an additional 16 hours a week for visitations and other types of ministry.  I informed the CPE Director I would want to do all my time at Goodwin House, and since I was not familiar whatsoever with the Bailey's Crossroads location, I would serve it there.  He was very kind to answer my questions, and he even provided me some seminar materials to read through ahead of time.  Dan+ said several things of note: 1) You walk in affirming the identity of the other person, whether they be Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, or Agnostic - "everyone has a belief system that holds us together";  2) "They ordain you" when you sit with them as a chaplain; and 3) you serve as a "symbol of the holy", and represent the Chaplain's Office.  

One aspect I had not associated with CPE are worship opportunities where the chapel pulpit will be open for me to preach sermons on Sundays; these are initially shared within the CPE peer group sessions for hearing and feedback before being offered the following Sunday.  Oh boy!!  

It was a very good meeting.  Before I left, I had in hand my letter of acceptance to participate in this extended CPE session.  I gave him my verbal "YES" before leaving.  Just another step forward.  The next thing I write will be my response back to accept this invitation to ministry.