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Sabbath Time

The season of Advent and Christmas are full of opportunities for "Sabbath Time". IF we can stop long enough to allow them, see them, feel them. For me, this Sabbath Time can occur any time of day or night when I can just relax and enjoy God. 

Chrissie & I have just finished the requisite food shopping run to BJ's for the necessities of our existence, and some luxuries for the season. She is now away for some family time: holiday shopping with siblings. I also will head out shortly, but will take this moment to pause for God. Here I am surrounded by so many bountiful blessings everywhere I look: a firm roof over my head, windows with sunlight streaming in, clothing, food, comfort, and yes, there are loving animals sleeping at my feet.

Seeing all this, there is only affirmation of the goodness of God. God IS Good. And God has been very good to me. Therefore, I will try to honor God and be good back, by asking questions about service in His Name for His Glory, and seeking answers about whatever ministry and work He may ask of me.  I do believe God will show me what to do, when, where and how.

As my Dad reminds me, it requires times like now, more often than I'm giving it here and now, to strive to hear "the still small voice of God".

Almighty Father, your seeking servant prays for guidance. AMEN.