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Devout Sayings: Grace

Courtesy of Sacred Gift, a tiny booklet of Devout and Useful Sayings:

"The notion of free grace may make persons dissolute but a sense of it restrains from sin."

"The goodness of God respects our emptiness, the grace of God our sinfulness, and the mercy of God our unworthiness."

"All grace flows from Christ united to the soul, as all life flows from the soul united to the body."

"The more God's justice was declared towards his Son, the more was his mercy magnified towards the sinner."

"All that are chosen are vessels of mercy; all that are regenerate are patterns of mercy; all that are saved are monuments of mercy; and the work of heaven is to sing the loud praises of mercy."

"It melts the heart to think that God is as full of mercy as I am of sin; He is as free to forgive as I am to offend; He hath daily mercies for daily sins."

"The heart of man is such a barren soil, that no good can grow therein, unless Almighty grace plant it."

"Abusers of mercy are treasurers of wrath."

"Grace is an immortal seed, cast into an immortal soil, that brings forth immortal fruit."