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Imposing Another Sanction On Blogging

Yes, another deadline!  Six questions that represent the Spiritual Questionnaire I must prepare for my still-forming Parish Discernment Committee continue to stare up at me, mocking me, daring me to get them done.  Since my Rector has now returned from his sabbatical, and parish fall activities will begin to pick up quickly, I need to get a move on this.  I'm unsure how I'd take the contents of my CPE Narrative to fashion it into any of these questions:

1)  How have you experienced God's Presence in the past?
2)  What was your response to your realization of God's Presence?
3)  How do you communicate with God?  How does God communicate with you?
4)  How have you experienced or understood the Holy Spirit at work in your life?
5)  Describe your Rule of Life.  How do you include Scripture in your Rule of Life?    
6)  How do you express the presence of God at work in your life? 

The Lord Will Provide.  But blogging will need to wait until this is done.  Let the embargo commence.  Ciao' for now.