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Puppies, Chores, Baseball and Golf

Today is Labor Day 2007.

Lots of the day is devoted to the puppies (The Big Guy, Mulligan, and the Little Dude, Gibbs).  But also some much needed straightening up and vacuuming, along with moving libraries between the den and the 2nd bedroom/office upstairs.  The office upstairs will become my study lair during CPE and whatever else the future holds for us, so all theologically-related books are being moved up there.  The novels, etc. which are general reading for Chrissie are moving down to their rightful place in the den library.  Amidst it all, we're watching the Nationals win their 61st game of the 2007 season, and the 2nd playoff tournament in the PGA's new FedEx Cup competition.  The house is open due to the lovely weather, and we're about to head out to get some lunch and do some needed food shopping.

Blessings are found in the little things.  And they are abundant today.  Thank you, Lord!