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The Camaraderie Of A Shared Ministry

Tonight we had a great turnout for Stephen Ministry Peer Group Supervision: our Stephen Leader and seven Stephen Ministers!  Not a full house, but a good number.  We had been meeting once a month during the summer rather than every other week, and our numbers were slight at best.  One person, sensing a need to recognize the new church year by celebrating our shared ministry and fellowship, brought chilled bottles of champagne.  A nice touch!  

The start of CPE is a month away.  As I met with my own care receiver earlier today, I consciously asked open-ended questions to encourage him to talk and me to listen.  Tonight as I walked in, I prayed for sensitive ears to hear and clear eyes to see, but added that my eager to speak voice be heard only when necessary.  Over all, we were a chatty group tonight - in fact, it was a bit distracting at first.  But I sat and actively listened while refraining from adding my own commentary until we had all completed our reports.  Thankfully, there were many blessings and lots of affirmation regarding the work God the Cure-Giver is doing through his care-giving Stephen Ministers.  It's a wonderful group of faithful people, and I am grateful for all of them.  The closing prayer offered by one of our newer SMs was as spot-on compelling as it was inspiring.  Thank you, God.  

Last year, I had expressed interest in being trained to be a Stephen Leader.  However, where I am today and where I'm feeling called, it is not feasible for me to take on this added responsibility at this time.  In fact, I'm beginning to consider if there are some things I do now that I should lay down.  Many of them (choir, Altar Guild work, serving as a Lay Eucharistic Minister) feed my spirit and give me life.  No quick decisions are required just now, but I reserve the right to re-visit this in the near future.