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Heavenly Choir, Make Room For Pavarotti!

The great Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti died today at his home in Modena, Italy.  He was 71.  He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year.
Known as the "The King of the High C's", he was one of the artists who inspired me to sing, although sadly never resembling anything like him.  The Creator gave him his glorious voice for us to enjoy and marvel at.  I know the magnificence of his instrument could only come from God Almighty.  As I write, I am listening to "The Three Tenors in Concert" CD which was recorded in 1990 at the famous Baths of Caracalla in Roma.

I remember going to the movie theatre to see the film, "Yes, Giorgio" which starred Pavarotti.  It was a musical comedy about an Italian opera singer who loses his voice while on tour in America, and falls in love with the female throat specialist who nurses him back to health.  It was a fun film, although he was roundly criticized for pandering his craft.  I wonder if anyone among my meager readership has seen this movie?  I expect it will appear again as part of the homage to him.

Nessun dorma!  Nessun dorma!                                                       No man will sleep!  No man will sleep!
Tu pupre, o Principessa,                                                                You too, oh Princess,
nella tua fredda stanza                                                                  in your virginal room,
guardi le stelle che tremano                                                           watch the stars
d'amore e di speranza!                                                                   trembling with love and hope!

Ma il mistero e chiuso in me,                                                         But my secret lies hidden within me,
il nome mio nessun sapra!                                                             no-one shall discover my name!
No, no, sulla tua bocca lo diro,                                                       Oh no, I will reveal it only on your lips
quando la luce splendera!                                                              when daylight shines forth!
Ed il mio bacio sciogliera                                                               And my kiss shall break
il silenzio che ti fa mia!                                                                the silence that makes you mine! 

Dilegua, o notte!  Tramintate, stelle!                                              Depart, oh night!  Set, you stars! 
Tramontate, stelle!  All'alba vincero!                                              Set, you stars!  At dawn I shall win!
Vincero!  Vincero!                                                                        I shall win!  I shall win!
So the heavenly choir continues to grow.  I'm sure there are plenty of chairs left in that wonderful loft.  I hope not to join it any time soon, but someday I will sing with Luciano!  Bravo, Maestro, Bravo!           


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Sep. 6th, 2007 02:04 pm (UTC)
Memories of Pavarotti
I too am thinking of Luciano Pavarotti today - when hearing the news of his death last night. I'm feeling particularly nostalgic in part because of his lustrous voice and in part because he was Dick's favorite tenor.
Back in the early 1980's the musicians at the Met went on strike and early in October Pavarotti found he had some unexpected time on his hands. Somehow the Virginia Opera Company, headquartered in Virginia Beach, got wind of this and invited him for one glorious evening in concert at the Chrysler Pavilion in Norfolk. Dick knew the head of the VOC and called her immediately to see if it would be possible to get tickets. 'Certainly', she said, 'where would you like to sit?' 'On the stage with Pavarotti' Dick replied. And lo and behold, they did indeed have seats on the stage and we were able to obtain three for us and for our neighbor, Dorothy Natella, who was an even bigger fan than we were. Off we went to the concert and saw - up close, very close - the sweat pouring off his forehead and the spit coming out of his mouth as he sang with all his energy. We even saw him wave his famous white hanky as he moped up all that 'juice'. Afterwards we were able to meet him personally at a reception and have our photo take of the three of us. I don't recall how much all this cost - but whatever it was, it was worth it. We (read I) drove home in a pounding rainstorm while my two passengers slept blissfully in the back, dreaming of Pavarotti's beautiful voice. Dorothy's daughter was married the next day - and the reception was at our house - but all was worth the effort to be on stage with the maestro ourselves.

Now he has joined Dick and Dorothy in that great opera hall in the sky - and I hope he is singing Nesun Dorma to them once again.

Anne C.
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