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A Negative Reading, Some Chance Encounters

The result of my TST (tuberculosis) screen was Negative.  I'll have another one the 1st week of October. 

As I left the health care clinic at Goodwin House today, I had a chance meeting with The Rt. Rev. Philip A. Smith.  Bishop Smith, now retired, was the Seventh Bishop of New Hampshire (1973-1986).  He knows my father and knew my mother.  My father was called to be Rector of Church of the Epiphany in Newport, NH in 1983.  My mother passed away in 1987.  Three weeks after her death, I saw the Bishop in Crystal City at Diocesan Council (Virginia) where he extended his heartfelt condolences.  I remember he said some wonderful things about my Mom.

We actually passed one another as I was coming off the elevator today.  I was pretty sure it was him, and was initially going to leave him be.  But my father is coming into town the first week of October for the Alumni Convocation at Virginia Theological Seminary (my dad graduated from VTS in 1977 along with my father-in-law).  I walked back to where he had sat down, and called out to him.  When he first looked up, my face did not register with him.  I didn't expect him to remember me.  The last time we saw each other was May 2005 during Grace Church's homecoming celebration as part of our Sesquicentennial festivities.  I quickly remember myself to him, and we shook hands.  I mentioned my father was coming for Convocation, to which he replied, "Then I'll see him. Good!".  I said I would make it a point to call my Dad to say I had seen Bishop Smith.

Before leaving GHA, I called my friend Jane who works in Resident Placement to pickup a Wildbirds CD, saw another resident who is a parishoner at Grace, said hi to the resident Chaplain, and was introduced as a new CPE intern to someone else (whose name I probably should have remembered).