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Badge Of Honor

I successfully completed New Employee Orientation (NEO) at Goodwin House today.  To think that it has been 28 years since I was a new employee.  I found that not much has changed in what HR offers as NEO.  But I do now have my GH Badge that says, "David Crosby, CPE Student".  I cannot help but treat it as a Badge of Honor.  I realize I have taken custody of it, but by no means has It been earned.  I keep playing over and over again that scene from the comedy classic Blazing Saddles in my head ("Badges?... Badges?.... We don't need no stinkin' badges!").  I wore it proudly as I stopped by to check in with my CPE Supervisor, and was wearing it as I greeted a dear friend whose was arriving to visit her step-mother (a resident at GHBC).  The excitement is building.  I cannot wait to get started!