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The First Cut Is The Deepest

Not quite the 'Dead Puppy Walking' scenario that it feels like, but Gibbs is now at Del Ray Animal Hospital.  He is fine, but soon to part with his ability to procreate.  I feel bad for him because he's losing his 'puppyhood' by way of a veterinarian's scalpel sometime today.  He was so calm and trusting in the car as we drove over to the Vet's office, and so well behaved once we arrived there.  The poor little guy has no way of knowing what is happening, and won't realize what he had before it is taken from him.  When he comes back home tomorrow morning, I'm sure he will have a little hitch in his git-a-long.  I'm going to the Washington National Cathedral today for a individual quiet day (so I won't dwell on what's happening to Gibbs).  I actually thought Mulligan would have been a bit more frantic when I came back without him this morning, but perhaps he understands what is happening.  Most of the dogs we have adopted previously (including Mulligan) had already been neutered.  I think this is my 'first time' (Chrissie tried to remind me about Tabasco the Cat... but that was different [even if its not]).  The fortunate thing (for us, not necessarily for Gibbs) is the City of Alexandria pays for the procedure as part of his adoption.  Four months seems a little young to do this, but what do I know?  I hope and pray that Gibbs will love me as much tomorrow as he did today.