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I Knocked, But...

I went to the Washington National Cathedral today with hopes of spending time at the Cathedral Center for Prayer & Pilgrimage.  Granted, I spent a lot of my early time on Mount St. Alban wandering around, doing my best littl' Jeffy imitation from Family Circus.  What I saw was interesting, enlightening and fun.  However, after Noon Day Eucharist and then lunch, I sought time for quiet, still prayer and reflection in the CCPP.  Instead, I found this:
Locked Doors.  A bit disappointed, I sat across from these locked doors in the Resurrection Chapel hoping someone had just stepped away and would be back shortly.  As time passed, the nudge "Knock and it shall be opened unto you" moved me off my chair back toward the doors, and I knocked. No answer.  I knocked a second time.  Still no answer.  I went away and then returned later a third time to knock once more.  No one home.

Well, chalk it up to "the best laid plans".  It was still a good day at WNC.